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Whistle (Party Tribute to Flo Rida)

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Sally Lightfoot Crab-Grapsus grapsus is a typically shaped crab, with five pairs of legs, the front two bearing small, blocky, symmetrical chelae. The other legs are broad and flat, with only the tips touching the substrate. The crab’s round, flat carapace is slightly longer than 8 centimetres (3.1 in). Young G. grapsus are black or dark brown in colour and are camouflaged well on the black lava coasts of volcanic islands. Adults are quite variable in colour; some are muted brownish-red, some mottled or spotted brown, pink, or yellow. (sources 1,2)

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Olivia Ong - Close to You

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Bucketlight is a multifunctional design that makes the most of unused overhead spaces in any room. Created by Dutch designer Roderick Vos, the inventive concept is both a hanging plant as well as overhead illumination. The creative lighting keeps floor and desk spaces free of clutter while also creating a comfortable environment filled with natural greenery.

These pretty flowers are actually fake. Did you have a clue?



High Lines and park life: why more green isn’t always greener for cities

Transforming old industrial areas into urban woodland may look nice but can be conterproductive in the long run, says Owen Hatherley

Photographs: Arup (top); Andria Patino/Alamy (bottom).


Sculptures by Ben Foster

Stark white geometric animal sculptures that offers a careful balance of the natural and the manmade.

Mandy Moore - Quit Breaking My Heart

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Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every day is a fresh start. Each day is a new beginning. Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our life.

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Star Climber || Takanobu Nushi  Milky Way and beautiful frozen waterfalls.He seemed to be climbing toward a starlit sky.


Star Climber ||   
Milky Way and beautiful frozen waterfalls.
He seemed to be climbing toward a starlit sky.

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